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A vanilla implementation of Blast-native yield on an AMM would be to simply distribute 100% of the yield back to traders or liquidity providers. While this has a marginal effect of increasing liquidity capture, it fails to fully capitalize on the potential of the yield and is just one idea in a broad design space representing what could be done with native yield.

Being degens at heart, we wanted to encourage a more exciting and engaging user experience while still producing outsized returns for our users. Taking inspiration from protocols such as PoolTogether, Thruster Treasure is a ‘no-loss’ (except for gas fees) draw product that leverages Blast-native yield to gamify the experience for all our traders and liquidity providers. By doing so, Thruster Treasure aims to bolster considerable trading activity and increase liquidity across our platform.

How Does it Work?

USDB and ETHB earn yield over time from underlying yield sources, and because USDB or ETH are often the paired assets to most if not all tokens, these assets are yield-bearing. A portion of the yield (currently set at 20%) generated by ETH and USDB deposited in Thruster will be directed to the Treasure pool on a daily basis. We can also use protocol fees as well to help bootstrap this product.

Once a week, the Treasure pool will be distributed to a selection of lucky participants. These users are chosen randomly based on “tickets” they earn during that week.

As it stands, prizes are distributed as follows:

  • Grand Prize: 50% to one winner

  • 2nd Prize: 10% to two winners (for 20% total)

  • 3rd Prize: 3% to five winners (for 15% total)

  • 4th Prize/consolation: 0.5% to 30 winners (for 15% total)

Importantly, with the Grand Prize, an additional 100% extra “ghost tickets” are added onto the minted amount, such that there is only a ~50% chance on a week-by-week basis to win the Grand Prize.

If the ticket chosen for the Grand Prize is not minted or is one of these “ghost tickets”, the prize is rolled over and the yield continues to compound into the next week. We believe this adds to the excitement of the draws, as the Grand Prize has the potential to grow significantly over several weeks, encouraging users to increase their ticket count even more.

Who is Eligible?

Users who actively swap and provide liquidity on Thruster will be eligible to earn tickets.

The calculations vary week by week, however, swapping once a day on Thruster through any of our pools and providing liquidity in major pools like ETH-USDB will be a strong way for users to get a steady flow of tickets!

24 hours before the draw, users with eligible activity on Thruster from the six days prior will get a notification to claim and enter their tickets for that week. At the end of those 24 hours, a random selection of numbers/tickets will be selected through Pyth Entropy (on-chain verifiable randomness solution). This ensures that all our weekly draws are transparent and provably fair. Any tickets not entered into the weekly draw will automatically be forfeited.

If a claimed/eligible ticket is chosen, then the user will be subsequently prompted to claim their prize once the next draw period starts. Any winning tickets not claimed within 30 days will be rolled over to the following Treasure pool.

Thruster Treasure Overview

Each swap on Thruster displays the amount of Treasure tickets that will be awarded for each swap. For this example, the swap generated 3000 Thruster Treasure tickets. The tickets are promptly updated on both the Treasure page and the top right-hand corner of the screen afterward.

Ticket Accumulation:

  • The number of tickets earned will be displayed in the top right-hand corner of the Thruster platform and on the Thruster Treasure page.

Entering the Draw:

  • Users must enter their tickets by clicking on the ‘Enter Draw’ button within 24 hours of the weekly draw. Entering the draw prompts an on-chain transaction that requires gas fees.

Draw Notification:

  • Winners will be notified via the Thruster platform

Countdown Timer:

  • A countdown timer on the Thruster Treasure page indicates the time remaining until the next draw and also serves as a reminder for users to enter their tickets before the draw deadline.

Prize Display:

  • The Thruster Treasure page will display the prize amounts for each tier available in the upcoming draw. Users can easily view the potential prizes they can win based on their participation and ticket entries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any costs associated with participating?

  • Tickets are free; however, there is a very small transaction cost associated with participating in the draw (claiming tickets). To earn tickets, however, there is a normal transaction or swap cost, but this would be incurred from any normal operation with the protocol otherwise.

Where does the prize money come from?

  • ETH and USDB earns native yield on Blast. 20% of the yield earned from Thruster’s TVL becomes part of the weekly draw.

How can I earn more tickets? Can tickets be bought?

  • No, tickets cannot be bought and can only be earned. More tickets can be earned by increasing the liquidity provided, or the volume of trades.

Can one ticket win multiple times?

  • Yes, although unlikely, one ticket can technically win multiple prizes.

How long do I have to claim my winning prize?

  • All winning prizes must be claimed within 30 days. After 30 days, any unclaimed prizes will be rolled into the following draw

How do I know if my ticket has won?

  • If an eligible ticket is chosen, the user will be prompted to claim their prize once the next draw period starts.

I forgot to enter my tickets into the draw. Is it too late?

  • Tickets must be entered before the weekly draw. Any tickets not entered for the week are automatically forfeited

How are winners chosen? How is it fair?

  • Thruster relies on the Pyth VRF ( Verifiably Randon Function) to choose winners. The Pyth CRF ensures that winners are chosen in a verifiably random way.

How does this help Thruster?

  • It is human nature to overestimate the chances of winning a prize. By gamifying the yield layer on Thruster & forcing participation to earn some amount of yield from deposits, we expect to drive significant activity & retention.

Thruster Treasure Terms and Conditions

Important Notice: Please Read Before Participating

By participating in our 'No Loss' Draw decentralized finance (DeFi) product ("Product"), you acknowledge and agree to the following terms and conditions. Please take the time to carefully read and understand this disclaimer:

1. Multiple Transactions and Gas Fees: To participate in the 'No Loss' Draw or Sweepstakes, participants may be required to execute multiple transactions on the blockchain, each incurring its own gas fee. These fees cover the costs associated with processing and executing the smart contract transactions on the blockchain. The amounts of these fees may vary based on network conditions and other factors.

2. No Guaranteed Profit: Payment of the transaction/gas fees does not guarantee any profits. While the design of the Product aims to minimize financial losses, it cannot ensure that every participant will receive a return. The Product involves elements of chance, and outcomes are subject to various factors.

3. Risks of Decentralized Finance (DeFi): DeFi products inherently carry risks, including but not limited to smart contract vulnerabilities, market fluctuations, and liquidity risks. Participants should be aware of the risks associated with DeFi and thoroughly assess their risk tolerance before engaging with the Product.

4. Regulatory Compliance: Participants are responsible for ensuring compliance with their local regulations regarding financial products and investments. It is the participant's duty to be aware of and adhere to any legal restrictions applicable to them.

5. Not Financial Advice: This disclaimer does not constitute financial advice. Participants should seek independent financial advice before making any investment decisions. Our company is not responsible for any financial or legal consequences resulting from participant actions.

6. No Liability for Losses: Our company, its developers, and affiliates shall not be held liable for any losses incurred by participants. Participants engage with the Product at their own risk, and the company is not responsible for any financial or non-financial consequences arising from participation.

7. Modification or Termination: Our company reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate the Product at any time without prior notice. Participants will be informed of any changes to the Product, and it is the participant's responsibility to stay updated on such announcements.

8. Agreement to Terms: By participating in the Product and executing multiple transactions with associated gas fees, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to the terms outlined in this disclaimer.

9. Contact Information: For inquiries or assistance, please contact Thruster.

By proceeding with participation in the 'No Loss' Draw and executing multiple transactions with associated gas fees, you affirm your understanding and acceptance of the risks involved. Your engagement is voluntary, and you should only participate if you fully comprehend and are willing to assume these risks.

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