Thruster Spaceport: Why Build With Us

One of Thruster’s core premises is to act as infrastructure & a launchpad for the best DeFi builders. We have already brought together an extensive list of launch partners that believe in this vision and are building with Thruster’s suite of products, and hope more will soon join that group!

Our partner program Thruster Spaceport will give protocols both soft and hard incentives to work symbiotically with Thruster.

Why Thruster?

Thruster will be the home of deep liquidity for core Blast pairs by having functional concentrated liquidity strategies & incentives, strong relationships with / direct support from top Blast depositors and angel investors, and a unique marketing funnel via social media and our forthcoming Points Program. Thruster is making strides to be the home of all Blast-native tokens.

Between our launch partners, general incentive partners, angels, and LPs, Thruster is luckily supported by a wealth of capital, knowledge, and connections that are directly incentivized to see Thruster and thus Blast succeed.

This collection of capital will be applied to partners that work closely with Thruster as well, especially those that choose the exclusively build on our DEX and launch infrastructure.

We also believe that as the Thruster Spaceport continues to scale, it will become ever the more rational to join it as DeFi’s best products are predicated on composability, liquidity, and access to top-of-funnel individuals.

Partner Points & Incentives Program

Along with the aforementioned “soft” incentives, we also have a “hard” incentive in the form of our forthcoming Thruster Partner Points and Incentives Program.

To bootstrap Thruster, we will be distributing points to early users in a similar way to Blast (or Blur), but also to developers and partners we work closely with and their users.

As there is no one way to build on top of Thruster and we want to incentivize innovation and use of our & Blast’s features well, we will build custom points multipliers for each partner that commits incentives and resources to the Thruster community too.

However, for partners that want to benefit from Thruster’s liquidity network and have significant POL / trading incentives on Thruster, we will be distributing points multipliers to users that trade or provide liquidity on eligible pools.

Once we obtain our BLAST dev airdrop, we will be directing BLAST incentives from the airdrop pool to key partner pools via unique mechanisms to drive deeper liquidity and user interest for Thruster.

Contact Us

If you’d like to dock at Thruster Spaceport, please contact, DM us directly on Twitter as our DMs will be open.

We’re excited to build the future of DeFi with you!