Blast Points for Thruster LP Integrations

We are distributing Blast Bridge Points to eligible USDB and WETH TVL in Thruster (e.g. ETH/USDB, X/ETH, etc.) on a regular cadence. Whichever address holds the LP token (either CFMM ERC-20 or CLMM NFT) will be eligible for Blast Points.

However, based on how Blast’s point system works, it should not be allocated to a contract address that does not support the Blast Points API as those Points then become unclaimable or transferable, which we or Blast cannot do anything about.

That means if you are building contracts on Thruster that hold LP tokens (or if you otherwise burn your LP tokens for the purpose of liquidity safety), the Blast Bridge Points must be allocated to a new address to be claimed properly.


For us to reallocate Blast Points to your address properly for holding or having seeded / having control of the liquidity via a proxy, you need to be following these rules:

  • You are the pool creator or an individual LP with control of over 50% of the total LP value, that happens to be holding LP tokens via a contract (multisig, intermediary locker contract, etc.) or burned the LP tokens for a non-malicious reason (safety or LP integrations primarily)

    • If you don’t fill these requirements, you are a integrator of Thruster LPs (automated range provider, LP as collateral in a lending market, etc.) with over $500,000 in each pool you request reassignment for

  • Your LP position or pool on Thruster has had over $200,000 in ETH or USDB total liquidity for over 24 hours of time at one point, and still has over $100,000 in liquidity at the time of the reassignment request

  • You can reasonably verify that you are officially connected with the LP (either own/control, or are on the team of the team that controls the LP). Actions (one or many or all) that prove reliable verification include:

    • Send Twitter DM or like specific tweet from official project Twitter

    • Send specified message to specified address on chain from deployer or LP holder

    • Undergo specific on-chain actions that only the deployer or LP could complete

  • You are a legitimate LP (not a scam / fake token LP, or an LP putting liquidity purposefully out of range to farm full rewards without risk)


There is some logistical complexity here as we want to make sure this is done correctly as point reassignment is irreversible. A few things related to this:

  • More broadly, due to these requirements, we will automatically withhold (withhold does not mean we take) all Blast Point distributions to contracts unless otherwise reached out to or discussed, as we don’t want to distribute Blast Points to address that cannot functionally claim or transfer the points. Please contact us if you are a protocol or LP that needs this change made. Once Blast Bridge Points convert into BLAST, however, we cannot make reassignments from that point.

  • We will not distribute Blast Points to proxy contracts for pools / LPs that are under three days old as we need to see where liquidity settles, but will tally Blast Bridge Points for these pools / LPs during this time for distribution after the three days

  • We will add your custom points address to our backend once a week. Please be patient - all points will be tallied and distributed properly eventually.

  • Once we transfer the points, we cannot take them back. So make sure that your contract is properly configured to accept and redistribute points if you provide an intermediary contract, not an EOA

  • If you send an EOA to assign points to, PLEASE use proper security best practices as again we cannot take points back in case you lose your private key or get hacked

  • In all scenarios: once we reassign Blast Points, we are not responsible for how those Points are used by the end protocol, but will bring up issues if usage seems explicitly malicious. This also means that we cannot pass arbitrary points reassignment to our API, if there is a contract in between — that must be handled by the team that interfaces with the liquidity in their contracts.

How to Get in Contact

Assuming your pool fits this requirement, you should 99% already be in touch with someone that contributes to Thruster. However, if you aren’t, please get in touch through the proper channels.

Our partner email, Twitter, or our Discord partner channel works best in this scenario.

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