Blast Incentives

To incentivize activity on and alignment to Blast, Blast as a protocol is distributing Blast Points and Gold. Blast Points to holders of ETH/USDB, and Blast Gold to protocols built on Blast, who can then distribute the Gold to users as they see fit to incentivize long-term growth and alignment with the protocol.

This page outlines how we receive and handle Blast Points and Blast Gold.

Blast Points

Blast Points are distributed by the Blast Protocol to EOAs or contracts assuming they’re configured correctly) that hold ETH/WETH or USDB. Points accrue over time at a linear rate based on your ETH and USDB balance, as per official Blast documentation.

When ETH/USD is transferred to a smart contract that smart contract will also earn points proportional to the ETH/USD balance over time.

Thruster contracts are configured such that the USDB and ETH TVL in Thruster liquidity pool earn Blast Points. These Blast Points are distributed by Blast to Thruster based on these balances over time.

Thruster then distributes Blast Points to users on a programmatic basis to eligible pools and LPs.

As balances per each user differs, we have a complex accounting system to ensure that even if you deposit or withdraw liquidity over time, Blast Points will accrue to you. The system is automatic, though has a few variables:

  • Only pools over a certain Points threshold automatically distribute regularly, the rest take a while to accrue points. To be clear though, 100% of Blast Points are distributed

  • Pools with a significant amount of liquidity providers being contracts (not EOAs) need to be manually verified to ensure that the Points are claimable by the contracts

  • It takes a few hours for Points from when they’re sent by Thruster, to be verified / added to the Blast Points leaderboard

Blast Gold

Blast has begun to distribute Gold to reward applications on Blast mainnet. As a reminder: Gold is a Blast incentive distributed to protocols and applications on the chain, to be further distributed to promote long-term growth.

Blast Gold is effectively a bonus on top of Blast points that is effectively only obtainable if you are utilizing your assets on Blast effectively in DeFi or within other forms of financial application.

Thruster is a recipient of Blast Gold and will be distributing Blast Gold to eligible users of the protocol.

LP Distribution Mechanism

Blast Gold is distributed to aligned apps in the Blast ecosystem that are trying to ‘grow the pie’ by onboarding users, helping to build a comprehensive ecosystem, and support for Blast-native features. When distributed, Gold was recommended to be used in ways that promote long-term growth of the application and focused on users that are providing value to said application and its ecosystem. Protocols were also told to avoid promoting activities that may detract from an organic and safe ecosystem (e.g. wash trading, pump and dumps, etc.). This premise was at the top of ur mind when we spent time putting together a weighted model to distribute the Gold:

We first determine each individual’s pool weight of the Gold distribution ($poolGold$). The model takes three inputs over a specific period: 1) Time-weighted TVL (ETH and USDB), 2) Total volume, 3) Fees generated. We weigh each of these inputs separately over the time period.

To promote greater distribution of Gold to more LPs and to more users as the most used app by users in the ecosystem, we also cap each pool at 25% of each distribution (except for USDB/ETH). We also gave all USDB/ETH pools a boost due to the pair’s importance to Thruster as a DEX and the Blast ecosystem more broadly (oracles, depth for on-chain activity, etc.)

To then compute each user’s share of the Blast Gold ($userGold$), we take their time-weighted TVL (ETH and USDB) in each pool, then look at (for v3 pools), how close their liquidity is to the current price in ETH or USDB at each block. The closer the users' liquidity is to the current tick price at each block, the higher Blast Gold each account will get. This favors increased trading depth for Thruster users.

Note, if your liquidity is out of range, it will not be eligible for Gold.

This distribution model is subject to change at any time and will likely be adapted on as time goes on to optimize even better for long-term growth of Thruster and the Blast ecosystem.

LP Distribution Notes

  • If you are using a protocol where you deposit or access Thruster LPs with an additional layer on top (Particle, Juice, Hyperlock being the primary three examples right now), we first distribute points to these protocols, who then distribute it to users on their own time. This may take some time due to finalization of Blast Points taking some time and sanity checks, though don’t be worried, all eligible interactions will be tracked.

  • Points and Gold take a while to finalize when initially sent, so if doesn’t appear immediately on your Dashboard after a distribution, please check again in the following day and it should appear.

  • if a pool is deemed suspicious by our data partners or by our community (wash trading, scam / spam tokens, etc.), it will not be eligible for Blast Gold distributions.

  • We are also only currently distributing to the top 50 pools by TVL (which comprises over 99% of TVL and also over 99%+ of trading volume). Thruster will be keeping a reserve of Blast Gold into the future to be distributed at the end of the Gold seasons for smaller pools based on the same criteria mentioned above.

Swapper Distribution Mechanism

As a gesture to supporters of the protocol, we are making a distribution to swappers on Thruster, though are auto-blacklisting any inorganic trading.

We only track swap-ins of ETH or USDB, so that means swapping ETH or USDB for other assets supported on Thruster.

Please do not participate in inorganic trades on Thruster, your address will be tracked and automatically blocked.

Blast Gold Contract & Operator

To maximize security, we have split up our Points and Gold into separate addresses. Our Blast Gold contract & operator are as follows:

Blast Points API Contract: 0x279407250a9d127b1E16F46f98D40fa4Af349AFb

Points Operator: 0xd16d76416e134e87390208f3eB5c01bd303efa02

Blast Yield

ETH and USDB deposits in Thruster are eligible for Blast native yield. Similar to LP fees, native yield will be collected and go toward a community pool. Fees accrued once Thruster further decentralizes will be used as determined to bolster the utility of the Thruster protocol via expanded decentralized governance. Native yield may also be directed toward Thruster Treasure, which is a product that needs a large pool of rewards to bootstrap to be redistributed to loyal users of the Thruster protocol.

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