General FAQ

  • What is Thruster?

    • Thruster is a decentralized degen-first native DEX bringing the best of DeFi to the Blast ecosystem. For developers, Thruster supports exclusive fair launch mechanics and token management tools built by DeFi’s best; and for general users, Thruster supports advantageous yield and LP opportunities, built-in social and analytic features, and an easy trading experience. With all this in mind, Thruster aims to be the home of liquidity and trading for Blast’s core and long-tail assets.

  • What assets can I trade on Thruster?

    • Thruster allows trading for a wide range of assets from core tokens like ETH, USDC, and USDB, to many long-tail Blast ecosystem tokens.

  • What are the risks associated with providing liquidity?

    • Risks associated with providing liquidity include impermanent loss and smart contract vulnerabilities.

  • Can I withdraw my assets from Thruster at any time?

    • Users can withdraw their assets from Thruster’s liquidity pools at any time, subject to gas fees and blockchain confirmation times. Impermanent loss may also occur depending on how much the price deviates from its initial deposit price.

  • Has Thruster been audited?

    • Thruster core AMM has been audited three times. The three audits were from Code4rena, Sparkware (Founder Ladboy is a top 10 c4/Cantina auditor), and Peckshield. All of the three audits found NO MEDIUM OR HIGHER ISSUES WITH THE AMM CODE. Our contracts have also been peer-reviewed by a number of our technical founder friends.

  • What is Thruster Treasure and how do I participate?

    • Thruster Treasure is a ‘no-loss’ (except for gas fees) draw product that leverages Blast-native yield to gamify the experience for all our traders and liquidity providers. By doing so, Thruster Treasure aims to bolster considerable trading activity and increase liquidity across our platform. A portion of the yield (currently set at 20%) generated by ETH and USDB deposited in Thruster will be directed to the Treasure pool on a daily basis. Once a week, the Treasure pool will be distributed to a selection of lucky participants. These users are chosen randomly based on “tickets” they earn during that week. Users who actively swap and provide liquidity on Thruster will be eligible to earn tickets.

  • Can I use Thruster on my phone?

    • Mobile UI is supported.

  • Are mentions or retweets of protocols by Thruster endorsements?

    • No, they are not an endorsement to trade their token or use their product. Thruster is an entirely decentralized liquidity infrastructure, so anyone can build on top of it as they please.

  • How do I stay updated on the latest developments and announcements from Thruster?

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