Thruster Points ('Credits')


We are excited to launch Thruster Credits, our rewards program designed to reward users who contribute to the success of Thruster. Thruster Credits are a measure of your contribution and aims to incentivize both Liquidity Providers and Traders of the protocol.

Since our mainnet launch on February 29th, 2024, we have done over $6b in trading volume, with over $500 million in TVL across a diverse community of 400k users. All past, present, and future users will be accounted for and will be awarded credits.

We have every intent to make Credits very fair for all those involved, and ensure that early participants and supporters of Thruster can be part of the journey long down the line with proper skin in the game—the same way that Blast is supporting early supporters via their Points and Gold system.

State of Points Today & What We're Solving For

We know what some of you are thinking: points, really?

If you analyze this exhaustion, though, it almost primarily pertains to projects that aren't building points programs responsibly. Most points programs today suck for two core characteristics:

  1. Untransparent criteria: A lack of transparency around a program's criterion can result in lower engagement as users do not know what to do to earn points. While this worked initially for protocols that hit criteria, it became a hassle as certain users eventually realized that this design was created to ‘farm the farmers'.

  2. No stacking: With so many yield opportunities today, locking up capital for a Points Program that has one dimension can result in users being distressed to give up other sources of yield or opportunities that may be too lucrative to pass up.

The reality is that points programs both work and are popular if designed correctly. I draw your attention to three points programs, all of which integrated points programs that champion transparency and/or stackability/composability:

  • Blast: $1.9 billion in three months with a points system with a relatively clear duration, transparent criteria (aside from spins, which are a small part of the largest points puzzle), and eventual stacking with protocols like Thruster

  • Eigenlayer: Over 110,000 users that have deposited a total of nearly $8.5 billion worth of ETH. Eigenlayer has clear transparent criteria & stacking with protocols building on top of it.

  • MarginFi: 160x TVL growth since implementing points on MarginFi; one of the largest lending markets. MarginFi both has extremely transparent criteria and stacking.


Thruster Credits iterates on the success of these three programs. The core pillars of Thruster Credits are:

  • Transparency

  • Dynamic Distribution

  • Composability

In this sense, Credits exist as an “anti points points program.” We want it to be relatively clear how to earn points, how to boost your participation in ways meaningful both to the user and Thruster as a protocol, and how partners can build on Credits to boost their own protocols.


A key angle for Thruster that no other DEXes or few other protocols on Blast (outside of the Thruster fleet) will have is the concept of composable / stacked points.

Blast themselves will have this angle, where you will earn Blast points, Blast native yield, and [protocol] points for depositing your money in the Blast bridge into a protocol. We're taking this one step further and making Thruster LPs & trading deeply composable with other protocols.

What this will look like is as a Thruster LP or trader, you can simultaneously be earning points elsewhere of top protocols, which will be using Thruster liquidity pools or LP positions.

Eligibility Criteria

Not all Credits are created equal, Liquidity Credits are weighted the highest.

Liquidity Credits

Users can earn credits by providing liquidity to either V2 or V3 pools on Thruster. The calculation of credits is based on the amount of liquidity provided and the duration. In essence, the more liquidity you provide and the longer you maintain it, the more credits you will earn.

Each pool on Thruster will also have a separate pool weight based on TVL, volume (higher the turnover, the better), and the fees generated by the pool for LPs. E.g. a popular pool like USDB/WETH will be weighted heavier and will earn more Credits. For V3 pools specifically, there will be an additional multiplier that rewards tighter price ranges

Trading Credits

Users can also earn Credits by performing swaps on Thruster. The allocation of Credits is primarily determined by trading volume, meaning the more you trade, the more Credits you can expect to earn. Credits will be proportional to the trading fees generated by the protocol, and each users’ first swap of the day (based on UTC timing) will be rewarded with a Credits boost! This means that users benefit from coming back every day and checking out the latest tokens to trade on Thruster.

We encourage users to trade organically. Attempts to exploit the system through wash trading or creating multiple accounts (sybils) will be closely monitored, and slashed actively.

Referral Credits

Users can earn a share of the Credits that your referrals make on Thruster, meaning the more you share your link to join the Thruster Family, the more Credits you will earn. To get your referral link, head to the top right, hit profile after clicking on your address, then view your referral link there.

Social Credits

Active ambassadors will be awarded Credits for their contributions. Ambassadors are early contributors to the Thruster protocol, focused on community, marketing, and growth efforts. For those looking to join the Ambassador Program, check out this link.

We're also working with some of the best NFT collections, and SocialFi protocols to distribute Credits via upcoming social campaigns so stay tuned!

Note that Social Credits and Early Contribution Credits will not be shown on the dashboard, but will still be factored into users’ final Credits balance.

Note: Not all forms of Thruster Credits are necessarily 1:1. Based on final distribution numbers, there may not be exact parity between Credits types. Credits and other Thruster incentives are subject to the protocol's terms of use.

What’s next?

Looking ahead, the community will be instrumental in shaping Thruster’s future as it moves towards becoming a fully decentralized protocol. Built with users in mind, the Thruster Credits program is designed to reward loyal users and offer them an opportunity in the future success of the protocol.

To start earning Credits, provide liquidity or trade at


  • When will the Thruster Credits program end?

    • The 1st Phase of the Credits program will last until some time In Q3.

  • How are my Credits calculated?

    • The exact methodology for calculating Credits is kept confidential to prevent gamification. Rest assured that any organic usage of Thruster will be eligible for Credits.

  • Where can I view my Credits?

  • My liquidity is deposited into Juice, Particle, and/or Hyperlock. Where are my Credits?

    • Credits earned via partner protocols will all be accounted for. While they won't be displayed on Thruster's front-end, they will get distributed

  • What activities count towards earning Credits?

    • Credits are rewarded for providing liquidity or making swaps on Thruster.

  • Do deposits into partner protocols like Hyperlock and Juice count?

    • Yes, deposits into partner protocols will earn Credits. Credits are initially distributed to partner protocols which will then get passed onto the end user.

  • Will past activity be counted?

    • Yes, all activity since the launch of our protocol in late February 2024 has been tracked and accounted for.

  • Does off-chain activity count?

    • At this point in time, off-chain activities such as Twitter and Discord interactions do not earn Credits. We do however appreciate and value everyone for being a part of our vibrant community.

  • Are Credits on-chain?

    • No, Credits are tracked and distributed off-chain by Thruster.

  • When airdrop?

    • Specific details about upcoming airdrops or events cannot be shared at this time. Please stay updated by following our official channels on Twitter and Discord

Disclaimer: Thruster Credits and other forms of incentives on Thruster are subject to the protocol's Terms of Use.

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